Since 1980, TAI - Talent Assessment, Inc. has been producing and developing hands-on comprehensive assessment and training programs for schools in the United States as well as internationally.  Talent Assessment provides not only special education resources, but software and staff training for evaluation and assessment to help both exceptional and general education students and adult’s transition to the real world. Special needs, special education and exceptional education programs that we provide have been proven effective for over four decades.


Teachers and administrators who utilize TAI products and programs to teach their special needs and regular needs students are thrilled with the results and success of their students. If you are looking for educational programs that both teachers and their students will truly benefit from---then look no further.


TAI works diligently to stay current with the educational needs and future career goals of regular and special needs students and individuals by offering cutting edge career vocational resources and software. In addition, Talent Assessment provides on-site staff training and special consultation services for program development.


The ability of a student to access a particular setting depends on the availability of services.

TAI makes available the necessary academic programs to assist students, special needs educators and teachers, and guidance counselors with relevant programs designed for the success of the student or individual.




Ben Borden, Owner and President of TAI





  • Hands-On Programs and Assessments
  • Age Appropriate Programs and Assessments
  • Programs Work with Non-Readers
  • Programs Help Meet Transition Requirements


Did you know?
        25% of all learners are visual learners

        25% are auditory learners

        50% are *tactile-kinesthetic learners

      85 - 90% of individuals referred to Special
      Programs are *tactile-kinesthetic learners

*those who learn through experiencing/doing things

(Quote from Tom Jackson, expert in active learning. Author of: Activities That Teach, More Activities That Teach, Activities That Teach Family Values, Still More Activities That Teach and Conducting Group Discussions With Kids.)




For more information on any of our programs, please visit our Programs Page and follow the links to discover how we can help you improve your curriculum and provide students with the tools they need to succeed in life.

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