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Transition Planning
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Through both hands-on and cloud-based programs, we offer transition planning, progress monitoring, and portfolio solutions for middle school all the way through adulthood.
Nationally and internationally, TAI's programs help students in middle school, high school, and young adults with hands-on assessment, teaching, training, and planning for their life and career skills. We provide the tools that allow meaningful preparation and transition guidance leading to successful individuals.
Emily Borden
TAI President

Who Is TAI

  • Publisher and Distributor of some pretty amazing programs
  • Leaders in special education and transition planning solutions
  • Dedicated team of support and service

What We Offer

  • Transition Planning and Monitoring Software
  • Career Exploration Assessments

What We Believe

  • ALL students should have the best opportunities to live up to their greatest potential
  • It takes a village to help students through school and life
  • Teachers and Parents are a student's greatest allies in learning
  • The right tools can help everyone involved in learning

Our Commitment
Here at TAI, we are dedicated to serving you and your students with compassion, respect, and great customer service. We know what you do as an educator is not easy, and our goal is to provide tools to make your job better - not harder.
We are also committed to providing only the best service and support through your entire experience with TAI - from the sales process, to set up and training, and beyond. Our knowledgeable staff can help answer questions, provide best practices, and offer encouragement and guidance.
We believe in what we do because we believe in what YOU are doing. It's in the classrooms, the homes, and the community that all the difference is being made and we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of that.

Who Is TAI?

What We Offer

What We Believe

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What People Are Saying

"From a teacher's point-of-view, it's a one-stop shop. You aren't having to prepare multiple different lessons and there's way more independent practice all on one platform. It's basically self-explanatory and will create less work on the teachers and more engagement with the students."

Matt BrandtReplicated Reality User

"I am giving a lot of assessments this year and continue to love what the results tell us."

Jill GreeningWayPoint System User