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Over the years Talent Assessment has received huge response from its users. This response is great for us because it lets us know that we are doing our job, which is to supply a product that can benefit all types of students. Please take a look at the testimonials or success stories from satisfied educators, and if you are a satisfied customer, please take the time to share your story.

Life and Work Skills Interactive White Board Software

Pinellas County School District, Florida - October, 2012


Recently, TAI had the privilege to speak to Annie Johnson, Curriculum Coordinator for Project 10 STING RAY program, Pinellas County School District, FL; regarding the TAI Let’s Talk Functional Math series they have recently started using.


"The main reason we purchased the TAI Let’s Talk Functional Math series was to provide the students with the opportunity to learn math using a multi-sensory, hands-on educational program." said Annie. "We have not seen a program that combines real life activities on such an interactive level." she added.


"I like so many components to the TAI Let’s Talk Math series; it’s hard to pick the most popular. It’s the entire combination of activities where the student is manipulating the objects on the board, getting the support of a calculator to use in the Money series, receiving instant feedback, and positive reinforcement of cheers and applause that makes Let’s Talk Math, so unique."


When I asked one of the students what they like most about the program, she said, “it’s because you get to touch the board.” Another student told me he likes moving the coins when he’s counting them; this way he doesn’t lose track of his counting."


"Through the embedded IEP objectives included in the TAI Let’s Talk Math series, my time is maximized so that I can help direct the student’s course of study. Instead of using my time doing paperwork by keeping records and developing new study plans and assessments, and keeping track of IEP goals, I have the freedom to personally help the students individually or in a group setting. By having the time to work one on one with the students, I gain better insight to their strengths and needs. This program also makes it easy to fulfill the transition requirements and IEP objectives of my students because they each have their own lessons as well as an assessment at the end of each lesson to measure their academic gains. I have the option of printing the results of the assessment once it’s completed which meets the requirements for a measured IEP goal."


"My students have responded to the TAI Let’s Talk Math series with enthusiasm. They look at the series as a group of interactive games. The applause and the sounds and colors provide levity to their studies. Because the majority of my students fail to grasp the abstract nature of math, their attitude to math books and paper and pencil exercises is a mixture of dread and defeat. That is not the case with this program. They love working their lessons and are actually learning the math that will help them interact in the community."


Thank you Annie for taking the time to talk with us, and we wish you continued success with your Let's TALK program.










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