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Marion Orlosky, BS, MS

District Wide Resource Teacher

Pinellas County School District, Florida


I'm Marion Orlosky from Pinellas County Schools. We decided to purchase the Money Manager for our special education classrooms because of how valuable a tool it is a behavior modification system for these students. Money Manager is a wonderful organization of something we do automatically as a special educator. Money Manager is a more systematic approach. It covers everything that a teacher needs to know and be able to do to implement a superior system modification of behavior, and it's from the teachers perspective, that's what's wonderful about it. It has covered everything. The teachers who authored the program have thought of every angle and have probably used it because it is so obvious. Every component is meaningful. Every component is teachable, not only the students but a teacher can pick it up and run with it right away.


Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Erbe

Hesperia Jr. High School

Hesperia, California


Money Manager is an effective tool in our classroom with Special Day Class students. This fully thought out program introduces our students to the practical world of functioning economics. Money Manager provides all the necessary materials to establish an economic system within a classroom. From the earned “cash” to the student pouches (to keep each student organized with a place to keep their money, checkbook, etc.) to a cash box for banking to the mechanics of writing checks and paying bills to items students can purchase from the money they earn. This system came complete and ready to integrate into our classroom the week we received it. It even has a Money Manager Daily Planner the students take home every night as homework to notify parents of their progress and/or assignments in class. If the parent signs the book each night, the student earns a “dollar,” if not the students pays the bank “five dollars” for not being responsible.

Money Manager has eliminated 99% of our behavior problems within the third day of use. Students who behave well are “paid” for their good behavior and students who turn in assignments earn money for work. Once we held our first “sale” of reward items, the hook was complete. Now everything we do relates to the student’s sense of money and to the real world.

An idea that has been successful in our class is that the students must pay for the rental of their desk space (some desks are worth more than others), pay for a bathroom break (we haven’t had a bathroom request in 3 months), pay for electricity, water, and telephone (they don’t have these things but this is the real world connection). Periodically, we even have a tragedy (say hospital visit or car repair) a student picked at random (name out of a hat) must “pay” for. Students are rewarded (paid) for good manners (irregularly) and docked for bad manners/words (every time). We have added Money Manager to our class Workability I Program and they work as if the two programs were made for each other.

Teachers love Money Manager as the rewards are immediate, discipline is simple and makes sense to the student, and the program comes complete, ready to go. The students even keep track of the banking and bookkeeping. Students love Money Manager as they are quickly rewarded or disciplined in a manner they understand and can follow. They particularly love the days they can purchase from the “store”. Saving for a particular items is a valuable lesson the students have clung to, as well as identifying with their parents when it comes to paying the bills. Our parents love Money Manager as their child is learning math, economics, responsibility, and they are passing the class without parents having to pester their child. Most of all, we all love Money Manager for the fun atmosphere it creates in our classroom. Students RUN to get to class and start their time with us.

The benefits to learning and classroom management are so great, we haven’t found a down side to Money Manager.







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