Convert a classroom or a community site to a work development lab where students become employees and teachers become employers. Use this lab to assess a student's competitive work potential and interest level, while simultaneously exploring various jobs, using real tools, and developing proper work behaviors in a variety of work areas.

What Is PAES® ?

PAES® IS Performance Based Assessment

PAES® is a research-based, functional skills curriculum with an embedded formative assessment of career potential and employability skills. PAES® is an assessment system which identifies:

  • Functional skill levels
  • Career interests
  • Aptitude for community based employment
  • Work behavior strengths and barriers to success

The PAES® lab will transform a classroom into a simulated work environment where individuals will learn:

  • Work-related problem solving skills
  • Proper work behavior by developing soft skills
  • Insight into job skills and real work settings
  • Understanding of their learning and training styles for future employment

PAES® labs can be found all over the country (and the world) in a variety of settings. Typically PAES® student employees range from middle school age to adult and the setting is educational to rehabilitative. Example settings that PAES® labs have been installed are:

  • Middle Schools to prepare students for career placement in High School programs
  • High School for students that are not in mainstream classes
  • Transition schools and facilities
  • Approprate work behavior development
  • Data collection and student reporting
  • An accurate description of student performance and employment potential

The Five Components of a PAES® Lab

The Five Components
of a PAES® Lab

Computer Technology

Data Entry
Word Processing
Mailing Technology
Information Technology
Information Management
Digital Photos

Construction / Industrial

Shop Measurement
Wrenches and Bolts
Screws and Nails
Shop Saws
Wood Projects
Metal Projects
Electrical Projects
Parts Identification

Processing / Production

Bolt Assembly
Pipe Assembly
Color Assembly
Form Design
Peg Design
Visual Perception
Thread Design
Paper Cutter
Analog Time
Digital Time

Consumer / Service

Food Measurement
Food Preperation
Kitchen Appliances
Food Service
Food Weights
Cloth Measurement
Hand Sewing
Machine Sewing
Cloth Construction
Housekeeping / Custodial

Business Marketing

Identification / Filing
Numerical Sorting
Making Change
Ten-Key Calculator
Cash Register



Student Outcomes
Students who successfully complete PAES® know:

  • what they are good at doing
  • where their strengths are
  • work-related problem solving skills
  • proper work behaviors needed on the job
  • where they are going
  • what careers interest them

Educational Outcomes
When a student finishes with PAES®, teachers know:

  • what skills a student can actually perform
  • if student are competitive with the real world
  • what type of special assistance will be needed, if any
  • what work behaviors students have and which ones they need to develop
  • how to write better transition plans as vital information is now available

What's Included?

What's Included?

With each PAES® Lab purchased, you will receive:

  • Complete Curriculum Materials
  • Onsite Training
  • Business / Marketing Unit
  • Consumer / Service Unit
  • Processing / Production Unit
  • Optional Computer Technology Unit
  • PAES® Behavior Inventory
  • Computer Scoring Software
  • Applicable Data Collection Forms