Teaching All Life's Knowledge

Teaching All Life's Knowledge
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Let's TALK is a computer program that can be used to develop practical math, reading, and recognition skills for work and life. These 15 teaching units are all designed to help individuals successfully function in the world outside of the classroom.
Let's TALK cloud-based delivery now enables learning options for your classroom and students! Open lessons enable group interaction in a teacher-led environment and interactive white board. Individual lessons and assessments allow the assignment of lessons for students to do on their own at school or home.

What's Included?

What's Included?
Adminstration Portal
Full administration portal for teachers and adminstrators on the school and district level. The administration portal allows you to manage student assignments, see individual and summarized statistics / reporting, and keep track of your student's progress.
Open Lessons
Within the adminstrator portal, you have the ability to run "open lessons" which enables you to interact with the lessons in a classroom environment on an interactive white board. This gives you the ability to work through the Let's TALK lessons as a group in addition to individual lesson work and assessment.

6 Program Units
Example Screens

6 Program Units
Example Screens

Functional Math - Money

Money teaches counting, making change, spending money, and money problem-solving

Functional Math - Measurement

Measurement teaches liquid and dry measurement

Functional Math - Time

Time teaches all about time, both analog and digital, scheduling, when to wake up and how to calculate time

Functional Math - Rulers

Rulers teaches linear measurement with all types of devices and how to solve practical measurement problems

Let's TALK Work Words

Prepares individuals for employment through identification and comprehension of workplace vocabulary

Let's TALK Signs

Signs teaches the recognition and comprehension of over 700 signs encountered in everyday life