Meeting All Your Transition Needs
in One Place

Meeting All Your Transition Needs
in One Place
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We all want our students to succeed in life beyond high school. But how do we create consistent, collaborative transition guidance from middle school on through graduation and beyond?

WayPoint System is your answer! Our comprehensive system aims to develop a portfolio that will follow your student from the beginning to success. The process includes 3 built-in career assessments measuring interest, aptitude, and suitability throughout the transition process. Those assessment results are then used to identify realistic job matches to each unique individual. Finally, WayPoint System will identify employers in the YOUR area that are likely to employ those jobs.

In addition to the 3-Step assessment to employment process, WayPoint system also offers unlimited customizable checklists, document repository, and many other tools to monitor progress, encourage self-advocacy, and organize your students' data from year to year.

What is WayPoint?

What is WayPoint?
The Waypoint System is the program that schools don't realize they need....but, they do!

-- J. Bailey Moss, Chicago Public Schools


  • T.A.P

    Functional skills aptitude assessment consisting of 10 hands-on tests to give a solid picture of a student's functional skills in a variety of areas.

  • PIC Pathfinder

    Online video-based work interest assessment that provides insight into a student's work interests.

  • V.I.P.

    Online work personality assessment to give insight into the student's vocational suitability based on personality and operational traits.

Progress Monitoring

  • Meets Indicator 13 requirements

  • Provides tools and reminders to meet the requirements of Indicator 14

  • Real-Time Transition Progress Summary

  • Due Process Transition Checklist spanning all school years

  • Cloud-based document management allows sharing across departments and faculty

Job Matching

  • Unique Job Search Algorithim

    Designed to match jobs to the COMBINED assessment results for realistic career outcomes

  • Individualized Filters

    Additional filters to narrow down job results based on the student's work traits, development level, as well as behavioral and physical characteristics

  • Community Employment Potential

    Match employers in your area that typically a partiular position and may become a potential community contact for your outreach

  • Further Career Exploration

    Tie into O*Net Online for further career exploration of any job within the search results - Including real-time job opportunities in your community

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

WayPoint offers detailed, real-time, comprehsive reporting. These reports can be used for IEPs, transition planning, academic planning as well as your career education initiatives.

  • Overall Transition Summary Report

    Track your student's overall transition efforts with this summary of performance report

  • Customizable Transition Checklist

    Our transition checklist comes with 8 years of IEP tracking tracking (ages 14 - 22) that can be modified to your specific needs

  • Customizable Requirements Checklist

    Track your student's requirements in any area - academic, enrollment, transition, and more

  • Assessment Reports

    Each of our included assessments create detailed and robust reports for every student

  • Document Repository

    Keep all your students information in one place and have the ability to quickly scan contents over the years