Money Manager is a token economy and comprehensive behavior management and behavior modification program for any classroom. Money Manager is for Elementary, Middle, High School and Special Populations.

Developing Monetary and Life Skills

Developing Monetary and Life Skills

Money Manager creates a token economy that provides the tools to achieve a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of money while helping manage behavior within a classroom environment.
  • The value of money

  • Money related math

  • Checkbook management

  • Responsible cash management

  • Consequences of behavior

What's Included?

What's Included?
  • Cash Box
  • Money Manager "bucks"
  • Coins
  • Student Pouches
  • Checks
  • Transaction Registers
  • Deposit Slips
  • Checkbooks
  • Pre- and Post- Tests
  • Hundreds of Worksheets
  • Digital copies of laminated originals
  • Open/Closed Store sign
  • Policy Signs
  • Student Contracts
  • Training DVD
  • ...and more

Stories from the Classroom

Money Manager has eliminated 99% of our behavior problems within the third day of use. Students who behave well are paid for good behavior. Now everything we do relates to the students' sense of money and real world.

Students pay for the rental of their desk space, bathroom breaks, electricity, water and telephone. Periodically, we even have a tragedy (hospital visit or car repair) a random student must "pay" for. Students are rewarded for good manners and docked for bad manners. We have added Money Manager to our class Workability I Program and the work as if the two programs were made for each other.

Teachers love Money Manager as the rewards are immediate, discipline is simple and makes sense to the students. The program comes complete and ready-to-go! Students particularly love the days when they can purchase for the "store". Our Parents love Money Manager because their child is learning math, economics, responsibility and are passing the class without the parents' pestering. Most of all, we all love Money Manager for the fun atmosphere it creates in our classroom.

Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Erbe
Hesperia Jr. High School
Hesperia, California